Touch-up Paint System

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The unique Touch-up pen is designed for spot repairs of all stone chips and small scratches. The construction includes a needle and a small brush as. Spot repairs are easy to make. The paint levels much better compared to normal constructions with bulky brush only.

Deep stone chips or scratches are recommended to prime first Touch-up Primer. Metallic colors must be clear coated with Touch-up Clear Coat.

Touch-up tips for your car

Touch-up info

  1. Why should I choose Touch-up in particular?
  2. Where can I find the vehicle’s color code?
  3. How can I find the corresponding color tone from the book?
  4. The car's original color compared to the Touch-up colors
  5. Accuracy categories
Accuracy categories

Three different accuracy categories of the Touch-up system

E Excellent, the precise and original colour of the vehicle

V Variation, in this case the vehicle manufacturer color code displays small changes of color tone in production series. Variation may be a result of the vehicle manufacturer using paints of several paint factories in different production series or for other reasons relating to production. The color tone of Touch-up is intended to focus on the middle of the variation range of the original color.

VC Very Close. VC-marking indicates that the tone is very close to the original tone of the car, but not precisely the same.

Touch-up color tones

Why choose Touch-up colors? Why choose Touch-up colors?

Touch-up listing is extremely accurate, up to date, and extensive. It contains the most new colors and vehicle models, and the database is consistently updated. The coverage of Touch-up paints is very good and the color tones are accurate. The paint compound is based on high-quality acrylic-based binders.

Where can I find the vehicle’s color code? Where can I find the vehicle’s color code?

First check the Owner’s Manual and the Maintenance Manual, they may contain either the color code or type label of the vehicle indicating the color code. The color code is also mentioned in a type label or in the type plate. The location of the type label or the type plate varies according to vehicle brand. The plate indicates the vehicle color code and often also the name of the color. If you cannot find the color number, you can also contact the vehicle importer referring to the vehicle identification number.

How can I find the corresponding color tone? How can I find the corresponding color tone?

First select the car brand and at least one other search criteria. (year, color code, color name). Each colour tone has a corresponding product number, i.e. 128050. This product number corresponds the color tone of your vehicle and is marked on the blister pack. You can even check the color tone from the paint sample on the blister pack.

Sometimes car manufacturers use the same colour number for different tones. Therefore it is important that you also check that the information matches with the listing and the paint sample matches with your car.

The original vehicle color tone compared with the Touch-up tone The original vehicle color tone compared with the Touch-up tone

Touch-up color tone is always very near to your cars original color. Please note though, the original color tone of the vehicle changes when the vehicle gets older and the painted surface wears out and fades. The color tone of the vehicle can be restored close to the original, for example, by light sanding and polishing.

Before you begin repairing the vehicle, always perform a test painting on a separate piece of tin plate. Please note that the metallic colors must always be varnished with Clear Coat in order to reach the correct tone. We do not take any responsibility for possible color mistakes.

With Touch-up browser you can easily find the right color for your car.