Maston CarColor The most common original tones for vehicles are found in the CarColor system. The system is extremely accurate, as each tone has been compared with the original of the vehicle and only the colours which represent precisely the original colour or are close enough have been chosen to be a part of the system.

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  1. Why should I choose CarColor in particular?
  2. Where can I find the vehicle’s colour code?
  3. How can I find the corresponding colour tone from the book?
  4. The car's original color compared to the CarColor colors
  5. Accuracy categories
Accuracy categories

Three different accuracy categories are found in the colours of the CarColor system

E Excellent, the precise and original colour of the vehicle

V Variation, in this case the vehicle manufacturer colour code displays small changes of colour tone in production series. Variation may be a result of the vehicle manufacturer using paints of several paint factories in different production series or for other reasons relating to production. The colour tone of CarColor is always the same and intended to focus on the middle of the variation range of the original colour.

VC Very Close. There are approximately 7000 diffrent colour tones for vehicles. We have collected to the 192 line-up colour tones, which cover the majority of the most common colour tones. VC-marking indicates that the tone is very close to the original tone of the car, but not precisely the same. We do not recommend the use VC marking for the painting of large surfaces, but for minor improvements. For example, the painting of accessories can be done by VC marked tone.

CarColor -carcolor tones

Why choose CarColor-colors? Why choose CarColor-colors?

CarColor listing is extremely accurate, up to date, and extensive. It contains the newest colours and vehicle models, and the database is consistently updated. If you cannot find the colour tone in this list, it may be available at the address, as this is where all novelty colours are updated. We collaborate globally with the leading car paint manufacturers and use the same colour pastes as the vehicle manufacturers. This is why the covering ability of CarColor paints is highly effective and the colour tones are accurate. We also do not use synthetic, alcyde or nitro-based binders, only high-quality acrylic-based binders.

Where can I find the vehicle’s colour code? Where can I find the vehicle’s colour code?

First check the Owner’s Manual and the Maintenance Manual, they may contain either the colour code or type label of the vehicle indicating the colour code. The colour code is also mentioned in a type label or in the type plate. The location of the type label or the type plate varies according to vehicle brand. The plate indicates the vehicle colour code and often also the name of the colour. If you cannot find the colour number, you can also contact the vehicle importer referring to the vehicle identification number.

How can I find the corresponding colour tone? How can I find the corresponding colour tone?

Equivalent repair paint can be found in the CarColor colour tone program by using the original vehicle colour code. First find the car brand and then follow the original colour codes for the vehicle, which have been presented in numerical and alphabetical order. Each colour tone has a corresponding product number, i.e. 113450. This product number corresponds with the colour tone of your vehicle and is marked on the spray bottle cap, label and the CarColor rack. In the CarColor rack, the bottles are arranged according to the order of product numbers.

The list also contains the starting and finishing year, during which the colour has been used in vehicle production. Sometimes the car manufacturers use the same colour number for different tones, but the colour for the model of the year differs. Therefore it is important that you also check that the year for the model of the vehicle is in accordance with the listing. The selection has indexed information for over 17 000 vehicle tone codes.

The original vehicle colour tone compared with the CarColor tone The original vehicle colour tone compared with the CarColor tone

CarColor tone is always the same colour tone, never a variant. Please note though, the original colour tone of the vehicle changes when the vehicle gets older and the painted surface wears out and fades. The colour tone of the vehicle can be restored close to the original, for example, by light sanding and polishing.

CarColor tones correspond to the original colour; because of this, they may be darker or brighter than the faded painted surface. The colour difference of the surface may be faded with a light sanding after the painted area has dried long enough and the tone difference between the new and old paint evens out. However, note that the sanding can be done only when the painted surface has fully dried. This may take several weeks depending on the temperature and humidity.

Before you begin painting the vehicle, always perform a test painting on a separate piece of tin plate. Please note that the metallic colors must always be varnished with CarColor bright varnish, in order to reach the correct tone. Metallic colors are marked in the listing. We do not assume responsibility for possible colour mistakes.

With the carcolor browser you can easily find the right color for your car.